Thursday, September 23, 2010

Get the Party Started with Our Makoto! NEW TRACK!

Our very own Makoto - Monique Kim - has a new track that's blazing up the clubs these days. It's called "Party Starter," it was recorded and mixed by Glenn Suravech "Mosiac" (the same awesome dude who recorded and mixed our Street Fighter High: The Musical tracks, btw) and it's AMAZING. Check it out on her facebook fan page, and become a fan!

Monique Kim Music

Produced by DJ James
by Vicious featuring moniQue
Recorded and Mixed by Glenn Suravech "Mosaic"

Ahh... and it seems just yesterday she was punching penii (that's the plural form of "penis," right?)

Full Rez FIGHT SEQUENCES, courtesy of Will Magno!

Will Magno, the man-god who choreographed, directed and edited the fight sequences that grace our end credits has uploaded a full resolution version of the video to his channel, complete with sound effects. Hell. Yes. Check it OUT.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Juri on Destructoid

Jonathan Holmes -- Mr. "Sundays with Sagat" himself -- invited Jennifer Zhang to do a guest video for the series as Juri, which is the first installment in a new story arch where Sagat has been fired from his own show for being unprofessional to a certain Hugo Andore Jr. Scald your peepers on this "character study."

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Milynn Sarley, our "Sakura" in "Geek and Gamer Girls Anthem"!

This woman is a powerhouse of talent, and we were proud to have her in Street Fighter High: The Musical, as the sexiest Sakura ever. Catch her now in a music video she helped to write and produce. It's KILLING on, and it's got Seth Green AND Stan Lee. Holy toledo. Geekgasm.

Geek and Gamer Girls Song - Watch more Funny Videos

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Street Fighter High: The Musical is currently the #4 Top Favorited Comedy on Youtube, and well well well... we've gone INTERNATIONAL! Check out these shiny new honors! Woohoo!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We're #7!

Woohoo! We're the #7 top favorited comedy video on Youtube right now! First day and we've already topped 15,000 hits (the number on the video page is lagged, but search "Street Fighter High" on Youtube and you get the updated number).
Tons of other Honors too. Looky!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Front Page Feature on Nerd Reactor!

The awesome folk at Nerd Reactor were present at our launch party/premiere at the Yost Theater and put together this TERRIFIC gallery that's currently their front page feature!


Premiere Party Interviews by Tyler Wiest

Roving guerilla journalist Tyler Wiest put together this video that compiles the trailer and some one-site interviews with cast and crew members at our launch party! Tyler, you're RAD!

Fans, please enjoy while we work on posting STREET FIGHTER HIGH: THE MUSICAL. It goes live later today!

Images from the Premiere

At the Yost Theater in Santa Ana - a crowd of 70+ enjoyed the first-ever showing of the movie, a surprise sneak peek of the Jace Hall Street Fighter music video, presented by Jace Hall himself, and Super Street Fighter IV and Rock Band on a 40-foot screen. Pictuuuurrresss!! (Photo credits go to Joey Rassool and Becky Horton, Jarod Lee Nandin and Jessica Nichols. Thank you!)

Launch Party was PHENOMENAL!

What a night! The launch party at the Yost Theater in beautiful downtown Santa Ana was GLORIOUS. In attendance were the great folk from Nerdreactor, voice actors from Super Street Fighter IV, and Jace Hall!


Jace tweeted from the event; check out his pic here: and follow him and show producer Todd Roy at and!

Monday, September 6, 2010

TheGamerChick Milynn Sarley's SFHS2 Preview Vid

We posted this on our Facebook profile (yes, we've got one! Friend us!) a while ago, but now as we prepare to release SFHS2, I thought we'd present Milynn's ADORABLE video to get you HYPE! Enjoy all the comments from people who care a little toooo much about the fact that she (at first) appears to have cut her hair!