Cast and Crew

"Street Fighter High: The Musical"
in Memory of Blake Snyder

Directed by
Hugh Jardon

Written by
Jennifer Zhang

Executive Producer
Jennifer Zhang

Produced by
Jennifer Zhang
Hugh Jardon
Joey Rassool
Carolyn McAllister

Associate Producers
Ryan Pietz
Michael Ly
Jordan Brown
Debby Chang
Silva Screen Productions
Emerald Ivy
Bodkin Van Horn


James Lim as Ryu
Ashley Williams as Chun-Li
Justin Dieter as Guile
Megan Williamson as Cammy
Faye Mata as Ibuki
Monique Kim as Makoto
Jordan Brown as Dhalsim
Jennifer Zhang as Juri
Milynn Sarley as Sakura
Matthew Mercer as Dan
Will Magno as Guy
Bob Kitson as Blanka
Gerald Hom as E. Honda
Matthew Lewis as El Fuerte
Mika Walter as M. Bison
Timothy Peter as Hakan
Wes Bartel as Zangief
Adrian Davis as Dudley
Jarod Lee Nandin as Rufus
Catherine Casady as C. Viper
Jrzil Hipolito as Fei Long
Emerald Ivy as Rose
Dustin De Leon as Geki
Matthew Lewis as Vega
Justin Wong as Himself
Michael T. Coleman as the Voice of Cody
James Howarth as Cody
Megan Marsh as Cheerleader/Doll (Juni)
Cassandra Weekley as Cheerleader/Doll (Santum)
Jessica Nichols as Cheerleader/Doll (Decapre)
Cynthia Mendez as Psylocke
Tara Strand as Jubilee
Katie Brown as Rogue
Tadao Tomomatsu as Principal Gouken
Cynthia Brown as School Secretary
James Gibson as Campus Security
Emily Arnstein as Redheaded Dancer 1
Zach Leighton as Redheaded Dancer 2
Savanna Leighton as Redheaded Dancer 3
Reuben Langdon as Narrator/Voiceover


Assistant Director
Carolyn McAllister

Director of Photography
Joey Rassool

Camera Operators
Mike Braaten
Joey Rassool
Will Magno
Dante Kim

Script Supervisor
Carolina Espiro

Production Coordinator
Tadao Tomomatsu

Camera Assistant
Ladonna Montajes Galang

Key Grips
Joshua Lang

Natalya Wong
Connor Foss
Cianar Cabos
Juan Manny Garcia
Henry Trujillo

Joey Rassool
Production Assistants
Sean Woods
Eliver Ling
Debby Chang
Becky Horton
Hillel Dodge (Cogan)
Thomas Kenneth Elrod
Arnel Garcia

Boom Operators
Eliver Ling
Sean Woods
Tadao Tomomatsu
Dante Kim

Hugh F. Jardon

Digital Effects
Hugh Jardon

Parody Tracks Recorded and Mixed by
Glenn Suravech “Mosaic”

Backing Track Arrangement/Music Editing
Casey Serrano
Hugh Jardon

Sound Design/Mixing
Evan Dunivan

Dance Choreography
Megan Marsh
Cynthia Mendez

Fight Choreography/Stunt Coordinator
Will Magno

Casting by
Jennifer Zhang
Jordan Brown
Joey Rassool

Ryan Meyer
Keith Collea

Jennifer Zhang
James Gibson
Rob Allen
Mika Walter

Wardrobe/Costume Design
Emerald Ivy
Jennifer Zhang

Additional Costumes
Joey Rassool
Jordan Brown
Matthew Lewis
Timothy Peter
Tadao Tomomatsu
Wes Bartel
Faye Mata
Will Magno
Dustin De Leon
Adrian Davis
Jessica Nichols
Catherine Casady

Makeup/Creature FX
Emerald Ivy
Alexi Bustamante
Emanuel Bennett
Sarah Bachman

Hair Stylists
Emerald Ivy
Adrian Zamora
Irene Mendoza
Gaby Legorreta

Set Photographers
Becky Horton
Gerald Hom
Will Magno
Cynthia Brown
Michael Ly
Chad Michael Ward

“I Want You to Want Me”
by Letters to Cleo

“Time to Oil Up” – Hakan Theme Remix (feat. Jillian Aversa)
by Hideyuki Fukasawa
Remix by Zircon

“Guile’s Theme”
by Yoshihiro Sakaguchi, Yoko Shimomura, & Tetsuya Nishimura

“I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore”
by REO Speedwagon

“Juri’s Theme”
by Hideyuki Fukasawa
“Hey Mickey”
by B*witched

“Now or Never”
by the “High School Musical 3” Cast

“Indestructible (The Next Door)”
by Exile

“Goodbye Horses”
by Q Lazzarus

by Michael Jackson

by Kenny Loggins

“Rockafella Skank/Street Fighter Title Theme Mashup”
by Fatboy Slim and Hideyuki Fukasawa
remixed by Adam Burton

Parody Tracks Recorded and Mixed by Glenn Suravech “Mosaic”
Lyrics by Jennifer Zhang

“You Should Go Out with Ryu” based on “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” by Frankie Valli
Performed by James Lim

“M. Bison” based on “Big Pimpin’” by Jay-Z
Performed by Mika Walter

“Yoga Romance” based on “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga
Performed by Jennifer Zhang

“Dan’s Rap” based on “Jay’s Rap” by Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith
Performed by Matthew Mercer

“Tagging Out Girl” based on “Hollaback Girl” by Gwen Stefani
Performed by Ashley Williams

“Papa Don’t Preach” based on original by Madonna
Performed by Catherine Casady

End Credits Fight Sequences Choreographed, Directed and Edited by
Will Magno

Rose’s Tarot Card Art
by Cross-Kaiser

Equipment supplied by
Red Camera Studios

heywhatsyourface – a lighting and grip company

Action! Audio & Visual

“Street Fighter High: The Musical” Made Possible in Part by the Generosity of Our Donors
Ryan Pietz
Michael Ly
Debby Chang
Bodkin Van Horn
Davis Peng
Silva Screen Productions
Warren Galloway
David Patricola
Xavier Marty

Special Thanks to
Ashton Teo
Molly Malone's Irish Pub
James Gibson and Patricia Hager of Whitney High School

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STREET FIGHTER is a registered trademark of CAPCOM, INC.
“Street Fighter High” is a not-for-profit parody, made solely for the purpose of entertainment. No copyright infringement intended.