09.13.10 - Interview on
Justin Lesniak with interviewed creator Jennifer Zhang and director Hugh Jardon for this little featurette on Street Fighter High: The Musical. Caution - questions get a smidge racy!

09.12.10 - Press on "Street Fighter High: The Musical"

Following the release of the video, our film was picked up for review by numerous gaming and tech sites. Here are just some of the many dozens of articles, blogs and featurettes that can be found on the web right now:
Techland - Time, Inc. - For Your Consideration: Street Fighter Valley High
The Escapist Magazine - Street Fighter High: The Musical is the Best Videogame Movie Ever
The Lone Gamer - Streetfighter High: The Musical Rocks!
Topless Robot - Street Fighter High Turbo Hyper Fighting Musical Edition
Nerd Reactor - Street Fighter High: The Musical is Here!
Destructoid - Street Fighter High: The Musical is a go
Joystiq - Street Fighter High: The Musical, in 2 Parts
The Great White Snark - Whedon Could've Nailed It: Street Fighter High: The Musical
Save the Cat! - STC! and Street Fighter High: The Musical

09.06.10 - Coverage of "Street Fighter High: The Musical" Launch Party and Premiere
We were fortunate to have reporters from official gaming blogs and a few roving independent journalists at the gala event at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana. In attendence were Street Fighter voice actors Matthew Merce (Fei Long) and Michael T. Coleman (Cody), plus special guest Jace Hall from "The Jace Hall Show" and executive producer of ABC's "V".

Check out Nerd Reactor's official gallery with pictures from the event here:

And this on-site interview, conducted on-the-fly by guerilla journalist Justin Wiest:

7.29.10 - Interview with Nerd Reactor
Jennifer Zhang, Hugh Jardon and Gerald Hom tell John Nguyen from waaaay more than he needed or wanted to know about Street Fighter High. Read the whole shebang here: