Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I will fight anyone who doesn't agree that we have some of the awesomest people EVER in our cast and crew. Yeah, you want some?!

The caliber of talent in this production is blowing my mind all over the place. We're fortunate to have, among so many wonderful others...

-"There Will Be Brawl" 's Matt Mercer
-A JUGGERNAUT of the Street Fighter community
-A sound engineer/music producer who has worked with some of the greatest rock and Motown legends
-One dance choreographer who's a graduate of the CALARTS dance program and another who was a former cheerleader with the Toronto Raptors
-One of the sweetest employees of CAPCOM
-Accomplished actors with the credits to back it UP (click on their pictures in the cast listings)
-Some of the most recognizable and friendliest faces in cosplaying.

Thank you to everyone who is generously lending your time, effort and talent to lil' 'ol Street Fighter High 2. This is going to be FUN!


Anonymous said...

wow, completely thrown off

some of these names are questionable

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