Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fan Film Follies Podcast/Interview!

Get to hear from some new voices on the experience of making Street Fighter High: The Musical! For the first time ever, hear Director extraordinaire Hugh Jardon talk about applying his vision to the project, and aslo hear from the magnificent Will Magno, as he offers insight into choreographing and directing the fight scenes... all while filling Guy's Nike swoops.

Christopher Moshier and Fanboy Will at Fan Film Follies are to thank for this interview. Our deepest gratitude and warmest regards to you fine fellas. It was a true pleasure. You honor us as much as Dan honors his father with his copious tears.

Listen to the interview here at Fan Film Follies

and check out the featurette here at Fanboy Theater


Heyman said...

Interesting interview, I would have loved Makoto to sing "If I was a Boy" And also, I hope you guys really raise enough money for the next project you do.

BTW this may sound out of topic, but if it's possible, will we see Mortal Komedy vs Street Figher High

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