You've got questions? We've got rabies. I mean, we've got answers. Yeah, answers.

Most of principal photography for "Street Fighter High: The Musical" is in the can, BUT we still have one final big shoot date and LOTS of post production. You can help us get this baby out speedily, at the highest quality possible by showing us some love... and by love we mean money.

What can I do to help this become a reality?
Donate, donate, donate**! We've got a grand vision for the sequel but it's going to take a lot of $cratch that we simply don't have. Please click on the "donate" button on the main page to contribute so that we don't have to start making costumes out of cardboard. Everyone who donates gets a special thanks in the credits, but anyone who donates $100 or more gets ASSOCIATE PRODUCER* credit on the film. Watch your name roll by near the top of the credits and get yerself a shiny new entry with that title on IMDB.

How will the Sequel be different from the original?
**UPDATE** Laa-laa-laaa. It's a musical!
And of course, we've upped the production value, the size of the cast, etc. We're not playing around here, kids. This just got serious. But in a funny way (we hope).

Will [your favorite character] be in this one?
From the writer's perspective, all I can say is that every character I can think of a viable joke/gag for will be in it. We'll throw as many of the other characters as possible into the background. Since so many of you have been asking about DAN in particular, I'm going to go ahead and say YES, Dan's in this one.
...and so are Dudley, M. Bison, El Fuerte, E. Honda and about a dozen more. =)

Will there be any recognizable cameos?
Yes. You'll definitely recognize some juggernauts of the Street Fighter world, and the gaming world in general, who so generously threw their hats in the ring to make this one a real treat.

Is the original cast going to be back?
About 90% of the original cast is back :-) We would have liked to have everyone, but alas, scheduling conflicts and some of life's unfortunate hiccups made it impossible.

Should I message you with ideas/jokes for the sequel?
We love that people have been enthusiastic about contributing, but the script for the Sequel is actually FINISHED.
And so is the majority of the filming!

If you only spend some of the money on production, will you be returning the rest? Or pocketing it, you rat bastards?
N-O-O-O (and also, do you kiss your mother with that mouth?). Things have been budgeted out fairly carefully, so we'll be spending all if not MORE than the $3,000 total we're hoping to raise on the production. If by your generosity, we raise over that amount and can't use it all on the film, then all the surplus will go to charity. We're thinking this one:

But what if I just want to be in the background?
Associate Producers* are welcome to come to set and be background players for as many hours as they want. So DONATE**, is the easy answer to that question :-)
With most of the filming done, we can no longer offer walk-on roles as part of the Associate Producer title. But your donation will still push this project to completion, so, at the risk of being blunt...
*We are eternally grateful to our donors and are very, very happy to offer Associate Producer credit for your generosity. Quick point of clarification to smooth out the process: this title does not, however, entitle the donor to creative control, or any amount of control over the other associate producers or the producers of the short film, regardless of the amount donated. That being said, the producers will do our best to accomodate any special requests (within budget and reason) from our most generous donors in regards to features of the film, with plenty of effort, but no gaurantees.

**Donations are non-refundable, unless the production somehow does not come to fruition. In the event that the film doesn't happen, all donations will be refunded in full via the payment method you used.